The 10 incredible benefits of coconut pulp

We teach you the incredible benefits of coconut. It is a tropical fruit with wonderful properties in its pulp, water and oil, it is loved in world cuisine for its pleasant flavor. This fresh delicacy can beautify your skin, hydrate the body and even prevent diseases. Meet one by one of the benefits of coconut and enjoy it this summer.

1.Prevents Alzheimer’s

Coconut oil and some other plant fats may be helpful in keeping brain cells healthy, thus helping to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s and even reverse some of its symptoms. The find belongs to Dr. Mary Newport of Spring Hill Regional Hospital, whose husband has Alzheimer’s.

Great find

Newport says that by including coconut oil in her husband’s diet, she found that “after about three months he started to make significant gains: he had better short-term memory, suffered less depression, was more sociable and even more active.” And through an MRI scan, it was found that the brain had stopped shrinking.

2- Hydrates the body

Coconut water contains sugar, fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Research suggests that it can help rehydrate and restore the body after the wear and tear of physical exercise. This is why some athletes drink coconut shakes or coconut flavored water after their practices.

Rich in potassium

It is high in mineral salts and could be a substitute for sports drinks, as found by Southeast University in New Albany. “It contains everything in a sports drink and much more – it has 5 times more potassium than Gatorade or Powerade,” said Dr. Chhandashri Bhattacharya, study leader.

3. Control hypertension

According to the research that exists, coconut can lower blood pressure. However, more studies are needed to affirm this theory, according to the Natural Standard site. To be used as a prevention or complementary treatment to hypertension medication, coconut water is taken as a smoothie or soda.

Silent enemy

Hypertension usually has no symptoms, but it can cause serious problems such as strokes, heart failure, heart attack, and kidney failure. You can control your blood pressure through healthy lifestyle habits and, if necessary, take medication under the supervision of your doctor. They call her a “silent killer.”

4. Reduce weight

The use of coconut oil is effective for the loss of abdominal fat, and its use in humans is absolutely safe, according to a study conducted in 2012 by the University of Malaysia. Coconut oil has been frowned upon for containing saturated fats, however virgin oil helps burn them, according to scientists.

Other fruits that lose weight

All foods rich in water content occupy more space in the intestine. This produces a feeling of fullness and leads to consuming less of other foods. Watermelon, like cantaloupe, are packed with water and nutrients, but both are low in calories. Grapefruits, pomegranate, pears and apples are also advisable.

5. Beautify the skin and hair

Coconut oil has been the beauty secret of healthy hair and hydrated skin for decades, even confessed by some celebrities. Many shampoos contain it, since it adds shine to the hair. On the other hand, many women add it in drops to their creams or use it as a beauty mask.

What does science say?

Limited research has compared the effects of moisturizing coconut oil to mineral oil for people with dry skin. And in that regard, coconut oil appears to be as effective as the mineral, although more research is needed before conclusions can be drawn, reports the Natural Standard site.

6. Control diabetes

Many people use coconut flour to help control high blood sugar levels, as it is believed to be healthier than other flours. And coconut pulp is extremely high in fiber, something essential in any balanced diet and especially important for the control of blood glucose in diabetics, this is another of the many benefits of coconut.

7. Strengthens bones and muscles

Being rich in potassium and other minerals, such as iron and calcium, which help support bone health, coconut is vital for maintaining strong bones and muscles. Potassium is an important substance that regulates the way muscles contract during sports, and a lack of it can cause serious injury.

8. Protects the liver

A mixture of soy, coconut, olive, and fish oil was found to be effective in improving liver function. However, studies are needed to determine the efficacy of coconut alone, reports the Natural Standard site. Popular belief is that its pulp is easily digested and promotes good digestive health.

9. Against psoriasis and stretch marks

Coconut oil is one of the most used to maintain a smooth skin and at the same time, to combat some problems such as psoriasis, eczema and stretch marks. You can buy the pure oil in dietetics or stores and simply rub it on the damaged skin one or more times a day.

10. Good for kids

A teaspoon of coconut oil has long been used to cure diarrhea in children and to strengthen them when they are weak. While science continues to study to see if it is true, one of the reasons why it is fortifying would be its high caloric content, which is 100 gr. it reaches 350 calories.

How to choose the best coconut?

In order to enjoy the benefits of coconut, it must be aromatic, and if you do not hear the typical splash of water inside, it is because it is dry, past ripe, and the pulp is usually rancid. Our fruit pulp has the best flavor and coconut is a everyone’s favorite.

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