Why should blackberry pulp be pasteurized for consumption?

One of the most popular fruits among Latin Americans is the Purpleberry Pulp, for its good flavor and incredible benefits such as its vitamins, minerals, among others; it is also one of the most abundant crops in our country. Due to the fact that the most used fertilizer for the blackberry is the pork and it is very probable that the fruit is left with microparticles of this manure and with a simple washing we are not going to be able to eliminate them, for this reason it is possible that the blackberry which leaves the field to the market, can have a growth of microorganisms, bacteria, being able to generate serious diseases in the humans like the trichinosis or others. It is possible that when you wash the fruit at home it will not be completely cleaned because it requires a pasteurization process, the most recommended is to boil the blackberry.

Blackberry pulp has a high shelf life due to its high moisture content, since it is kept for a long time in a refrigerated state at a freezing point of -1° and about 10°C and increases the shelf life of the fresh product.

The Blackberry has wonderful benefits among them:
  • Contributes to the good condition of your muscles, due to its great amount of potassium
  • It helps to maintain a radiant skin, to include the Purpleberry Pulp to your diet you would be bringing health to your skin.
  • It helps the heart.
  • You can drink blackberry juice after training as it provides you with antioxidants and instant sugar
  • It contains calcium which brings strength to your bone system .
  • Helps to circulate the cough

How is pasteurization done?

Pasteurization is done by achieving temperatures below the boiling point of 176°F since in most cases temperatures above this value can irrevocably affect the physical characteristics of the product. In juices, pasteurization is very effective since they are an acidic medium and prevent the multiplication of microorganisms.

In this case the blackberry can not be consumed before being boiled at approximately 161 ° F, to remove bacteria and when people eat the juice or fruit itself will not be bad and can enjoy the incredible benefits.

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