Why is it important to drink fruit juice?

It is important to drink fruit juice since we have access to a lot of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help repair our body and improve the immune system. The great presence of antioxidants in juices helps detoxify the body and eliminate the effects of processed food. This is why it is important to drink fruit juice because fruits and vegetables also have phytochemicals that improve health and prevent diseases.

Another advantage of juices is that they are easier to digest than whole foods. In addition, a lot of nutrients in vegetables are lost during the cooking process and, in this way, when they are blended, they are preserved.

Day-to-day tasks sometimes prevent us from reflecting on how food is in our body. Having a balanced and healthy diet contributes to a good lifestyle, without diseases.

This is why NATURALIA Pulps are 100% natural, free of artificial colors, without preservatives, to provide you with the well-being you need.

We will show you the properties of some fruits so that you can make them into delicious juices

The orange is characterized by being a fruit rich in vitamin C, which contributes to the organism to have high defenses, thus you would fight the flu in a natural way, it also helps the absorption of iron and other minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. If you make a juice from this fruit, it will not contribute calories to the body, since it is low in sugar. It is important to note that orange is a source of vitamins and helps the immune system.

Soursop is made up mainly of water; It also provides mineral salts, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, lipids, it is also rich in vitamin C, B. By preparing a delicious soursop juice with our NATURALIA Pulp, you are contributing to a healthy diet.

The properties of strawberries are surprising since they contain antioxidants, fortify bones, have an anti-inflammatory effect, help lose weight, and strengthen defenses.

So don’t think twice, take our delicious 100% Natural NATURALIA fruit pulps.

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