Creamy ice cream recipe with blackberry pulp

The preparation of a homemade ice cream is very easy and practical, so we do not have to spend so much money. Naturalia offers you a recipe for creamy ice cream with blackberry pulp to bring to your table for family gatherings.

Naturalia accompanies you in your kitchen so that you can enjoy the preparation of this rich and creamy ice cream with your friends and children. This way you can give them a delicious homemade ice cream with the natural fruit pulp.


·         Half a kilo of Naturalia blackberry fruit pulp

·         Half a liter of milk

·         Half a pound of cream

·         Sugar to taste

·         Blackberries in whole fruit for decoration (Optional)


Take the kilo of Naturalia Blackberry Pulp and beat it together with half a liter of milk with a little sugar, you can taste your mixture until you get the sweetness you want. After you have a homogeneous mixture, take it to a wide refractory and pour half a pound of milk cream with a mixing spoon with very soft movements, so that all the ingredients are in one. When you get to this point what you have to do is put your refractory in the freezer. Follow a step of great care and concentration: Once our ice cream is in the refrigerator we will take it out every 30 – 40 minutes approximately to stir it very well and to make it have an exact texture, this procedure we will repeat more or less 3 or 4 times.

Finally you can accompany your delicious dessert made with this recipe of creamy ice cream with Naturalia blackberry pulp, serve it with condensed milk and accompany it with small pieces of blackberry; this way it will be well decorated for you to share it with those you love the most.

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